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Protective equipment

for the cosmetic professional

Within the cosmetic industry, people are exposed to various chemical substances on a daily basis. With frequent and prolonged use, there is a possibility that these agents are absorbed through the skin layer. This can cause dermatological and other health problems, which can lead to blood poisoning, among other things. Alpha-P offers professionals in the cosmetic industry the desired protection when they need it. Our products meet the strictest quality requirements, have been developed with an eye for efficiency, offer high comfort and the best protection.


Our products

Prenger Latex Exam Gloves 5.9G

Packed per: 100 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: S / M / L / XL Material: Latex

Prenger Vinyl Exam Gloves 4.5G

Packed per: 100 pieces per box Colour: White (transparent) Size: S / M / L / XL Material: Vinyl

Prenger Nitrile Exam Gloves 3.5G

Packed per: 100 pieces per box Color: Blue (stock) Size: S / M / L / XL Material: Nitrile

Prenger FFP3 NR D mask preformed with valve

Packed per: 20 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: One size Material: PP non-woven and Melt-blown

Prenger FFP2 mask

Packed per: 20 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: One size Material: PP non-woven and Melt-blown

Prenger FFP2
pre-shaped mask

Packed per: 20 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: One size Material: PP non-woven and Melt-blown


With a focus

on quality and comfort

Skin, hair and nails often come into contact with chemical products such as bleach and dyes in this industry. It is therefore very important that the correct protective equipment is used during these contact moments. The solutions that Alpha-P facilitates are very versatile and can be used for various activities within the cosmetic industry. The products that Alpha-P offers have been developed from an efficient vision for working, but with the greatest possible care for protection. In addition, when developing our products, we also think carefully about the comfort for the professional. In this way, we not only ensure safety and health, but we also contribute to greater comfort during work through innovative solutions. Consider, for example, face masks that fit perfectly and at the same time do not cause discomfort, because they feel pleasant and do not cut into the skin. Gloves that are equipped with a high dexterity, are easy to put on and take off and have an incredibly sturdy and strong quality are also part of our range.



is key

In our modern society, examination gloves are indispensable, not even in the cosmetic industry. Examination gloves have been made mandatory by, among other things, occupational health and safety legislation in the Netherlands, but policies regarding the use of personal protective equipment have also been tightened in other countries. This development has not only increased demand, but high quality is also an important aspect. For this reason, the quality of the production of gloves is guaranteed by, among other things, the EN455 standards. In addition, all examination gloves made available by Alpha-P meet the AQL standard (Acceptable Quality Level). The products you purchase through Alpha-P not only meet the required standards, Alpha-P also selects its partners for sustainability. We thus contribute to the responsible use of resources to protect people and our planet, both repressively and preventively. This includes reducing and more efficient use of transport and the use of environmentally friendly packaging.  

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Optimal way

of protecting

The high quality of the products makes them easy to use in, for example, the cosmetic industry. All products comply with European guidelines for medical devices and personal protective equipment. Because our partners have a continuous process of quality improvements, we offer a solution for every situation and question. Taking that extra step, in every phase, is what makes Alpha-P products special and extraordinary. Protective equipment is not only a requirement, they also serve to protect the professional in an optimal way and at the same time provide them with a high degree of comfort during their work.




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