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Hygiene is of course of paramount importance when processing food. The Commodities Act therefore has very strict requirements for the processing of foodstuffs. Food safety encompasses what is needed from A to Z to provide consumers with healthy and safe food and to prevent them from becoming ill in the long or short term. The strict requirements are therefore necessary to guarantee the safety of consumers. When it comes to food safety, quality cannot be deviated from.


Our products

Prenger Latex Exam Gloves 5.9G

Packed per: 100 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: S / M / L / XL Material: Latex

Prenger Vinyl Exam Gloves 4.5G

Packed per: 100 pieces per box Colour: White (transparent) Size: S / M / L / XL Material: Vinyl

Prenger Nitrile Exam Gloves 3.5G

Packed per: 100 pieces per box Color: Blue (stock) Size: S / M / L / XL Material: Nitrile

Prenger FFP3 NR D mask preformed with valve

Packed per: 20 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: One size Material: PP non-woven and Melt-blown

Prenger FFP2 mask

Packed per: 20 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: One size Material: PP non-woven and Melt-blown

Prenger FFP2
pre-shaped mask

Packed per: 20 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: One size Material: PP non-woven and Melt-blown


Sustainability, quality and safety

All products offered by Alpha-P therefore meet the strictest quality standards. Our solutions are ideally suited for food processing. Our gloves are food safe, have a high wearing comfort and are easy to put on and take off. Our mouth masks offer the highest protection while not compromising on comfort when wearing them. All food protection products offered by Alpha-P have been developed according to our sustainability principle. In every business process of the products from the Alpha-P product portfolio, efforts are made to burden the environment as little as possible. The brands Alpha-P works with apply these sustainable principles. They reduce the use of water and harmful chemicals during production. They are also responsible for reducing the CO2 footprint, including a more efficient packaging method. In this way, Alpha-P cares for the professional of today and for the world of tomorrow.


Gloves for

the food processing professional

Disposable gloves are critical in the food industry. During the various processes in the processing of foodstuffs, there is a chance of incorrect transfers. Gloves for the food industry offer a solution for unwanted contamination. In addition, they protect products against germs and human bacteria. Thanks to Alpha-P's deep-rooted knowledge, our offered gloves have been developed with the food processing professional in mind.

This takes into account the most efficient possible working method. To reduce cross-contamination as much as possible, it is necessary to regularly use new protective equipment. These exchange moments simply take time. Alpha-P solutions have been developed to facilitate this process and to organize it as efficiently as possible. Of course, during the further developed production and development process, the wearing comfort of our solutions has been considered. In the food industry, blue and black gloves are often used colors. In the unlikely event that a piece of glove ends up in a batch during the process. Then thanks to this use of color, it is easy to find this piece of gloves faster.

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Work in

a safe way

In addition to protecting the food processes, our protective equipment also serves as a kind of shell for the food processing professional. Every professional has to deal with potentially harmful substances. Alpha-P helps them work in a safe way. Quality is of the highest, both for the professional and for the end products. The Alpha-P production process is therefore set up according to the highest quality standards, with an eye for the environment. In this way we ensure optimal health today and a better world tomorrow.




Cleaning & hygiene




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