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importance of innovation

Taking that important extra step for our partners, going beyond what is required and being able to offer the highest level of protection at the most crucial moments. Quality is the decisive factor in providing protection. In addition to all legal requirements, the protective equipment included in the Alpha-P product portfolio meets the strictest quality standards set by Alpha-P. In this way we take care of the health of the end users and offer them the highest degree of protection thanks to our solutions. Maximum quality and innovative developments are therefore the cradle of our daily goals to shape the future in the field of disposable protective equipment. Alpha-P recognizes the power and importance of innovation in everything we do. We work closely with end users, partners and customers to develop higher quality solutions and products for a better future.


The challenge

is our mission

Alpha-P's broad product portfolio includes many brands that are used internationally as an integral means of protection. With these products we contribute to the development of a safer, healthier and better world. The growing and aging world population and the increasing complexity of various professions require care and protection of the highest quality, to guarantee the safety and health of everyone. A challenge to which Alpha-P is fully committed.

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Every day, with your enthusiasm, you ensure that your customers, end users and yourself develop to the fullest.


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Improving quality of life

Alpha-P improves the quality of life of users thanks to the products offered. A reliable supply of high-quality and high-quality products is paramount here. The products, with the highest quality, are developed with a sustainable vision in combination with knowledge from the professional field. This combination ensures that the products from our product portfolio have excellent efficiency. A sophisticated, high-quality user experience with the protection factor that every professional, in every industry, needs every day.


We guarantee constant

quality and delivery

To guarantee constant quality and delivery, Alpha-P works with its own international sourcing and quality offices, spread all over the world. A process that is of great value and adds lasting quality to the products offered. In addition, all brands that Alpha-P carries meet all European and international standards. In maximizing quality standards, Alpha-P is driven by a sustainable approach. Increasing quality goes hand in hand with efficient packaging.

For example, when packaging Alpha-P products, less use is made of packaging materials and the products are also transported in a more effective manner. This ensures that Alpha-P reduces the carbon footprint. In addition, during the overall production process of the brands that Alpha-P carries, all necessary production resources are used efficiently. This reduces the amount of water to be used to a minimum. The same also applies to the chemicals used. In this way, Alpha-P not only ensures the highest quality, but we also contribute to a better world for today and tomorrow.