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At Alpha-P we focus on protecting what we love: “protecting people & planet”. The brands that Alpha-P carries believe in this principle and contribute to this with their innovative products. These brands focus on disposable products with great potential for improving the well-being of customers and end users in the cosmetics, laboratories, cleaning & hygiene, safety, food and of course healthcare sectors. We want these products to contribute to progress in safety and health.


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All over the world, people are increasingly aware of their health and the health of their fellow human beings. This growing awareness influences an increasing demand for quality products in the field of disposable protective equipment. Alpha-P offers these products and their brands to professionals in various industries. Quality and sustainability are paramount in the selection of partners and brands. All brands that Alpha-P carries therefore comply with the strictest European and international guidelines.


Products with a purpose:

protecting people

All products that Alpha-P offers have only one goal: to protect people with the least burden on our planet. Our challenge? Delivering the highest quality products within the shortest possible time. This starts with the selection of certified brands. The application and processes, the quality of materials and reprocessing in the future play an important role in this. From production to trade, from reuse to application in a specific industry, all brands must meet the highest quality standard that Alpha-P has in mind. At Alpha-P you are therefore assured of the best medical protective equipment supplied and produced by certified brands.

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Alpha-P closely follows the developments in the market within the various branches. These developments are not only about new products and applications, but also about sustainability, innovation and quality, which play an equally important role in this. As a supplier of, among other things, medical protective equipment from European and international brands, Alpha-P strives to be a leader in these aspects. Together with the brands, we are building the future of tomorrow.

If you are looking for a specific product or solution for your industries related to protective equipment, please contact Alpha-P. We will look within our network for the brand that can meet your needs. Sustainability and quality are the standards for both brands and products that we carry. This makes Alpha-P your ideal partner in disposable protective equipment.