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The quaility

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Improving the quality of life and protecting what is dear to us. That is what is central to Alpha-P. Providing optimal protection to professionals, in the various industries, is the most important starting point. But Alpha-P goes beyond that. Working on a world of tomorrow goes hand in hand with a sustainable approach. During the production process of the protective equipment from our product portfolio, the brands we carry use, among other things, the Lean method. In this way we try to make an impact, while the quality of the solutions offered is guaranteed.


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Challenge ourselves

and continuously develop

We reduce water consumption during the production process and minimize the use of harmful chemicals. In this way we not only protect the professional of today, but also the world of tomorrow. We put ourselves to the test, day in and day out. With enthusiasm for new ideas and innovative developments in products and processes, we contribute to making the world a safer, healthier and better place.

Alpha-P's specialization focuses on disposable protective equipment. As an innovative company in the field of disposable protective equipment, our mission is to improve lives. The products of our partners, which we offer, are used every day to arrive at a safe and simple daily health solution, both repressive and preventive.


Specialism in

disposable protective equipment

Together with our partners, we make a difference in six industries. The knowledge and products are intended for daily use in various industries: cosmetics, laboratory, cleaning & hygiene, safety (personal protective equipment), food and healthcare. Making a difference is what drives us every day, to provide the highest level of protection to the end user. Those who take care and responsibility on a daily basis and ensure our safety. Alpha-P contributes to the protection of their health. We protect the professional in every industry so that they can safely complete their work in a comfortable manner.

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Making a difference in

quality, sustainability and innovation

Alpha-P not only supplies products, but is also a sparring partner for suppliers and partners within the branches that use the products we offer on a daily basis. By entering into discussions with them, we share knowledge about improving disposable protective equipment. In addition, we provide useful information to support the right choice in each product for each moment.