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Safety and Health;

an important element

Safety and health are an increasingly important part of today's society. Alpha-P contributes to this by offering a specialist range of disposable protective equipment from leading international brands. Our product range provides high quality solutions for everyday use, such as certified respiratory protection with high comfort and a wide offer of examination gloves that are sturdy, strong and easy to put on and take off. Not only are the products developed to contribute to comfortable and safe working conditions. The products also meet all strict European and international guidelines.


Our products

Prenger Latex Exam Gloves 5.9G

Packed per: 100 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: S / M / L / XL Material: Latex

Prenger Vinyl Exam Gloves 4.5G

Packed per: 100 pieces per box Colour: White (transparent) Size: S / M / L / XL Material: Vinyl

Prenger Nitrile Exam Gloves 3.5G

Packed per: 100 pieces per box Color: Blue (stock) Size: S / M / L / XL Material: Nitrile

Prenger FFP3 NR D mask preformed with valve

Packed per: 20 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: One size Material: PP non-woven and Melt-blown

Prenger FFP2 mask

Packed per: 20 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: One size Material: PP non-woven and Melt-blown

Prenger FFP2
pre-shaped mask

Packed per: 20 pieces per box Color: White (stock) Size: One size Material: PP non-woven and Melt-blown


A safe working environment,

for now and tomorrow

Alpha-P is a specialized wholesaler in the field of disposable protective equipment. In everything we do, safety and protection come first, “for people and planet”, both repressive and preventive. We are independent of suppliers and brands and have a lot of expertise with regard to disposable protective equipment. As a result, the customer and end user are assured of the best product and solution. This is a very important pillar within the safety sector. Safe, high-quality products are indispensable in this industry. Sufficient personal safety and the right products contribute to a safe workplace. 


Everything in the field

of work safely

Every day, safety professionals are committed to making the working environment even safer. Alpha-P has a wide range of certified and ergonomic products that contribute to safety in the workplace. By talking to safety experts, prevention officers, inspectors and policymakers, among others, Alpha-P knows how they can contribute to this with their range. For example, there are selected partners who meet strict requirements with their products for specific industries. Think of quality standards, the resistance of certain liquids and the filtering of air in an industrial environment. Alpha-P supports its customers and end users by further developing and sharing knowledge in the field of safe working.

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Safety and durability

go hand in hand

In addition to a safe and healthy working environment, sustainable processes are the transition to a company for the future. Alpha-P and the brands it carries are also aware of this. Within Alpha-P, adapting and optimizing products and processes in response to market requirements and regulations by various governments is a continuous process. The focus here is on “protecting people”, making the products that are fed more sustainable and limiting the negative consequences for the environment. Together with experts in the security sector, sustainable solutions for products, reuse and/or circular use of the products and the optimization of transport options are being looked at.

Alpha-P encourages their partners to develop sustainable and innovative solutions. We strive for further improvement together with our customers and chain partners. We focus every day on minimizing our ecological footprint. For example, by limiting energy consumption and waste, reusing materials and examining the possibility of substitute raw materials. Circularity in raw materials and materials are therefore an integral part of Alpha-P's vision for the future.




Cleaning & hygiene




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