Prenger 100 µl universal filter tips sterile
Prenger 6003

The universal filter tips of the brand Prenger are renowned for quality and effectiveness. Unlike other filter types that contain additives that can block enzymatic reactions, Prenger's filter tips are made from pure virgin sintered polyethylene. These hydrophobic polyethylene particles prevent aerosols and liquids from being drawn into the pipette shaft.

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Acceptable quality limit

Product is latex free

Waste consisting of electrical and electronic equipment

Meets legal requirements within the EU

Product contains latex

Store product in this temperature range

Single use

Material is marked food safe

Product is not sterile

Provides protection against pathogens (micro-organisms)

Provides mechanical protection against abrasions and cuts

Product is sterilized by gamma rays

Provides protection against at least 3 substances for at least 30 minutes

Keep product dry

Product is PHT free

Provides protection against hazardous chemicals and microorganisms

Keep product out of sunlight

Do not use if packaging is damaged


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Applications of Prenger 100 µl universal filter tips sterile

- Laboratory
- Concern

Product features of Prenger 100 µl universal filter tips sterile

- Autoclavable
- Low retention

Each individual Prenger filter tip has passed a rigorous test and is guaranteed to be free of:

- DNase
- RNase
- Pyrogens
- PCR inhibitors

Manufactured in accordance with ISO13485

Product description

The universal filter tips of the Prenger brand are internationally known for their high quality and effectiveness. Thanks to the use of pure polythene, Prenger brand filter tips contain no additives that can block enzymatic reactions. The use of polyethylene prevents aerosols and liquids from being drawn into the pipette shaft. This prevents cross-contamination. Because the filter tips are loaded by the machine, the tips are never touched during the entire production and packaging process. Also, the Prenger brand filter tips are free of RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogens. In addition, all filter tips are sterilized by radiation after the packaging process, as extra protection for biological samples. Prenger's filter tips have an average pore size of 10-40 microns and use a filter made of sintered polyethylene, which makes the filter tips aerosol resistant with an aerosol barrier that features curvy features. Due to the less restrictive pore size, these Prenger filter tips have no noticeable increase in resistance and no effect on pipetting accuracy. Certified by Prenger, these filter tips produce highly accurate readings when used with Prenger's pipettes and following the instructions in the manuals. Prenger certified filter tips meet or exceed the minimum standards for: – Absence of press seams – Absence of contaminants – Surface smoothness and regularity – Tip tip geometry, dimensions and finish – Pipetting Accuracy Prenger filter tips are tapered to a small opening. Thanks to its slim design and thin, flexible walls, this is an exceptionally flexible tip that aids in sample dispensing. Due to the small opening and the thin wall around the opening, there is a minimum of surface where sample residues can stick to during dosing. Prenger filter tips can be completely emptied for optimum pipetting accuracy. Gradation marks allow for quick and easy volume recognition, eliminating the risk of error. In addition, the Prenger filter tips have low retention and are designed with a cone-shaped tip opening, which prevents droplet formation at the tip of the tip. Thanks to the improved molding, the Prenger filter tips are universally compatible with the most widely used pipette brands. The compatibility overviews can be downloaded online. Prenger's quality standards ensure that each individual Prenger Universal Filter Tip has passed a rigorous test and is warranted to be free of: – DNA – DNase – RNase – Pyrogens – ATP – PCR inhibitors

Packed per

96 filter tips per rack, 10 racks per inner box (960x) and 5 inner boxes per outer box (5x960=4800 filter tips).


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