Prenger FFP3 NR D mask preformed with valve
Prenger 2005

The Prenger FFP3 face mask is one of the better quality masks on the market. The mask provides sufficient barrier to minimize direct transmission of aerosols and respiratory droplets. FFP3 masks have a minimum efficiency of 99% and side leakage is less than 2%.

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Acceptable quality limit

Product is latex free

Waste consisting of electrical and electronic equipment

Meets legal requirements within the EU

Product contains latex

Store product in this temperature range

Single use

Material is marked food safe

Product is not sterile

Provides protection against pathogens (micro-organisms)

Provides mechanical protection against abrasions and cuts

Product is sterilized by gamma rays

Provides protection against at least 3 substances for at least 30 minutes

Keep product dry

Product is PHT free

Provides protection against hazardous chemicals and microorganisms

Keep product out of sunlight

Do not use if packaging is damaged


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Applications of Prenger FFP3 NR D mask preformed with valve

- Cosmetics
- Laboratory
- Safety
- Foods
- Concern

Product features of Prenger FFP3 NR D mask preformed with valve

- Cup model
- With exhalation valve for minimal exhalation resistance
- The soft sealing lip guarantees a safe, comfortable closed position of the mask
- Flexible and comfortable nose clip
- Four-point headband for a comfortable, secure fit
- Colour White
- Can be used against dust particles up to 50x the limit value
- Item is for single use
- Item is not sterile.
- Item is latex-free.

Product description

FFP3 face masks from the Prenger brand are the better quality masks on the market at the moment. Thanks to its barrier, this mask provides protection against the direct transmission of aerosols and respiratory droplets. This transmission is therefore reduced to a minimum. FFP3 masks have an efficiency of at least 99% and the side leakage must not exceed 2%. Prenger's FFP3 face masks have been extensively tested and meet all required requirements. The mask is designed to make wearing a face mask more comfortable. - Completely latex-free, so people with a latex allergy can wear the mask safely. - Designed so that less condensation occurs when the mask is worn in combination with glasses. - Very efficient in supply chain due to the foldability of the mask. - More wearing comfort thanks to the low breathing resistance. This is an advantage compared to many other FFP3 masks when performing heavy exertion. NR: Non Reusable. This mask can/may be used several times during a working day (8 hours) but may not be used afterwards. D: These masks have passed the Dolomite Dust Test. They are more resistant to clogging over time. This reduces breathing resistance, which makes working more comfortable.

Packed per

20 masks per dispenser box, 4 dispenser boxes in an outer carton.


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