Prenger Nitrile Exam Gloves 3.5G
Prenger 1001

Our nitrile gloves are widely applicable as examination gloves with proven protection against a range of chemicals, bacteria, viruses and fungi. They comply with all applicable European standards and have been tested with very good results for protection against blood-borne pathogens. The fit is also of the highest comfort.

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Acceptable quality limit

Product is latex free

Waste consisting of electrical and electronic equipment

Meets legal requirements within the EU

Product contains latex

Store product in this temperature range

Single use

Material is marked food safe

Product is not sterile

Provides protection against pathogens (micro-organisms)

Provides mechanical protection against abrasions and cuts

Product is sterilized by gamma rays

Provides protection against at least 3 substances for at least 30 minutes

Keep product dry

Product is PHT free

Provides protection against hazardous chemicals and microorganisms

Keep product out of sunlight

Do not use if packaging is damaged


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Applications of Prenger Nitrile Exam Gloves 3.5G

- Cosmetics
- Laboratory
- Safety
- Foods
- Concern

Product features of Prenger Nitrile Exam Gloves 3.5G

Material: Nitrile
Weight: 3.5G

AQL: 1.5

- Item is for single use
- Item is latex-free.
- Item is not sterile.
- Roughened fingertips
- Wear gloves on both hands
- Easy to put on thanks to our perfect rolled edge
- Skin-friendly in accordance with ISO10993-10
- Tested in accordance with food contact legislation
- Dual certified, both as medical device 2017/745 class 1 and personal protective equipment 2016/425 category 3.

EN ISO 374-1:2016+A1:2018
EN ISO 374-2:2014
EN ISO 374-3:2013
EN ISO 374-5:2016 (VIRUS)
EN 165231-1:2015+A1:2018
ISO 16604:2004
EN ISO 21420:2020
CoE Resolution ResAP(2004)4

Product description

The versatile nitrile gloves of the Prenger brand protect against a diverse range of chemicals, bacteria, viruses and fungi. These gloves comply with all applicable European standards and have additionally been tested, with a positive result, for protection against blood-borne pathogens. Skin friendliness and hypoallergenicity are guaranteed thanks to independent product testing in accordance with ISO 10993 values. This makes these gloves widely applicable for every professional. Thanks to the extremely high tensile strength, these gloves offer the professional the desired protection at all times. Where > 6 newtons are common in accordance with legal requirements, Prenger brand nitrile gloves come up to >9 newtons. This combination of qualities makes these gloves future proof and ready for every possible performance. For the very best hand protection, proven quality and every professional.

Packed per

100 gloves per dispenser box, 10 dispenser boxes in an outer carton.


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