Prenger Surgical Mask with Lace Up
Prenger 2002

The Type IIR Surgical Mask offers the most optimal and most complete protection of all medical three-layer masks, due to the proven splash resistance in addition to a bacterial filter efficiency of at least 98%.

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Acceptable quality limit

Product is latex free

Waste consisting of electrical and electronic equipment

Meets legal requirements within the EU

Product contains latex

Store product in this temperature range

Single use

Material is marked food safe

Product is not sterile

Provides protection against pathogens (micro-organisms)

Provides mechanical protection against abrasions and cuts

Product is sterilized by gamma rays

Provides protection against at least 3 substances for at least 30 minutes

Keep product dry

Product is PHT free

Provides protection against hazardous chemicals and microorganisms

Keep product out of sunlight

Do not use if packaging is damaged


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Applications of Prenger Surgical Mask with Lace Up

- Cosmetics
- Laboratory
- Safety
- Foods
- Concern

Product features of Prenger Surgical Mask with Lace Up

- 17.5(±0.5cm) x 9(±0.5cm).

Material: 3 layers of non-woven material. Outer (blue) and inner layer (white): PP non-woven. Middle layer: Melt-blown (white).
Outer layer: PP Non-woven, 27gsm (±2gsm), blue.
Mid layer: Meltblown, 25 gsm (±2 gsm), white.
Inner layer: PP Non-woven, 23 gsm (±2 gsm), white.
Nose clip: Adjustable nose clip (metal) for optimal protection

- EN14683:2019+AC:2019
- Item is for single use
- Item is latex-free.

Product description

This type of surgical mouth and nose mask IIR offers optimal and complete protection through a two-sided effect. An ideal solution for the protection of a patient, client and the professional. Thanks to the proven splash resistance and a filter efficiency of at least 98%, this mouth and nose mask is a godsend in every industry. During the production process, only the highest quality raw materials are used. These materials have been selected on the basis of many years of medical knowledge and therefore contribute to the protection of the professional. This ensures that these mouth and nose masks have a consistently high quality and can be used in both medical and non-medical environments. Due to the proven high splash resistance, these mouth and nose masks offer protection against a wide range of high-risk infectious diseases that can be transmitted through human body fluids. Thanks to the type IIR classification, this type of mouth and nose mask is suitable for use during surgical procedures. In addition, these mouth-nose masks are equipped with comfortable tie ribbons, in general the ear loops are less tight against the back of the head. This combination of advantages makes this type of mouth-nose mask ideal for long-term use during various activities. Extremely high protection for the professional, with a high degree of comfort.

Packed per

50 masks per dispenser box, 20 dispenser boxes in an outer carton.